Carmelita’s Rums

Carmelita’s Rums

Life is delicious, and Carmelita invites you to savor every moment. Our exquisite spirits await to inspire your journey, wherever your heart takes you. It’s time to raise a glass. And lift some eyebrows.

Carmelita’s Dark Spiced Rum

2017 Miami Rum Renaissance Festival – Gold Medal Winner, 2016 San Francisco Spirits – Bronze Medal Winner

A blend of aromatic vanilla, accented by exotic spices to create a unique rum tasting experience.

Enjoy it neat, on the rocks or as a way to spice up your favorite cocktail!

Carmelita’s Fine Silver Rum

An incredibly smooth, light rum with notes of wild flowers, citrus and a mild pepper finish.

This rum is the perfect pairing in a summer cocktail!

Carmelita’s Spiced Orange Rum

2017 Miami Rum Renaissance Festival – Best In Class Gold Medal Winner

Truly a unique and amazing rum. Bold orange and vanilla flavors are paired with our exotic spice blend to create a perfect sipping rum.

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